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A Course in the Role and Place of Schools in Education, Environment, and Environmental Education

Organiser : Club for Green Indonesia 09

Target Audience : Elementary School Teacher

Club for Green Indonesia 09

Overview :

The course is divided into 2 sub-courses:Sub-course 1 is done in a training-workshop fomat to give basic understanding about the environment, better education, and environmental education.Sub-course 2 is done in a training format to improve journalistic knowledge and skills.

Objective :

1.To introduce some of the problems surrounding education, the environment, and environmental education on a global, national, or local scale;2.To explore potential capacity of participants to critisize issues surrounding education, the environment, and environmental education;3.To train participants in journalistic writing.

Course Content :

1.Education, Environmental and Environmental Education; 2.Journalistic course

Delivery Method : Field visits, community mapping, workshop, discussions and tutorials

Frequency : One time course held in 2001

Venue : Lembaga Pendidikan Perkebunan , Yogyakarta (Central Java), Indonesia

Contact Hours : 6 days (38 hours)