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Ecology and Environment Institute ( EEI )

Address :

C12A, Ba Mau Lake, Trung Phung ward
Dong Da District, HaNoi, VietNam
Viet Nam

Phone No.: (84 -4) 5-723475/723476

Fax No.: (84 -4) 5-723476

Email : eeihy@hn.vnn.vn [1]

Organization Description :


Ecology and Environment Institute, belonging to Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment, was established pursuant to the decision No.85/QD-HMTg dated 27 November 2002 by President of Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment. Registration license for scientific and technological activity No.A-050 was issued by Ministry of Science and Technology on 27 January 2003. According to those decisions, Ecology and Environment Institute is a non – government organization in environmental field. 

EEI is a research organization of science and technology on ecology and environment, grouping a contingent of highly qualified specialists in the scientific, technological, ecological, environmental, economic, policy, legal, institutional and external relation areas. EEI has maintained close coordination with national and international organizations and individuals relating to scientific research to implement projects and technology transfer on ecology, environment and sustainable development. 

Functions and Tasks: 

Science research 

*Researching and developing scientific projects on ecology, environment and technology transfer: overcoming degradation, preventing and treating environmental pollution: 

*Developing master plan of environment. 

Training and education 

*Training and fostering one’s professional ability, rising awareness on ecology, environment and sustainable development: 

*Composing documents of education and training on ecology, environment and sustainable development. 

Consultancy for science, technology and environment 

*Consulting for policy, strategy, master plan, planning, management measure and technology transfer on ecology and environment for sectors, provinces, agencies, organizations and enterprises. 

*Developing projects, designing models for Sustainable development. 

Scientific, technological and environmental services 

*Implementing scientific services on ecology and environment and technology transfer, advocating for projects and activities related to human ecology, environment and sustainable development: 

*Formulating Environmental Impact Assessment, state of environment and proposing pollution treatment solutions for enterprises, cities, industrial parks and handy-craft villages. 

International Co-operation 

*Co-operation with international organizations to develop and implement projects on ecology, environment and technology transfer as well as other areas related to sustainable development. 

Other Information :

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