Center of science- technology and environment ( COSTE )

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Center of Science – Technology and Environment (COSTE)
149 Alley, Giang Vo Road, Dong Da District
HaNoi, VietNam. (General Director:MSc. Nguyen Van Thanh)
Viet Nam

Phone No.: (84 -4) 8-234-456

Fax No.: (84 -4) 8-236-382

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The Center of Science – Technology and Environment (COSTE) is implementation body belonging to the Vietnam Co-operative Alliance (VCA).Its function is to participate and to advocate in formulating scientific, technological and environmental projects/programs for VCA in nationwide system. 


The Center’s concrete tasks serving co-operatives, small and medium enterprises in scientific, technological and environmental activities are as follows: 

*To formulate and implement scientific, technological and environmental project plans and programs of VCA and COSTE. 

*To implement the experimental and scientific research and conduct the experimental producing of technical, technological projects/programs serving business and production. 

*To implement the activities serving scientific research, technological development, intellectual property, information and e-commerce. 

*To implement technical and technological transfering activities in order to serve productivity and business, technical and technological services relating to the environment. 

*To organize activities the training, fostering, consultation, dissemination and application of science and technology, survey and fundamental investigation. 

*To formulate and implement international co-operation on science, technology and environment. 

*To implement technological and scientific activities on traditional art and handicraft products and professions. 

*To conduct other activities assigned by VCA and carry out information, scientific, technological and environmental services according to the law. 

Objective: Cooperatives, cooperative unions, Small and Medium Enterprises, households 


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