Department of Environmental Quality Promotion

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49 Soi 30 Rama 6 Rd. Bangkok 10400
10400, Thailand

Phone No.: 66 2 2788400-19

Fax No.: 66 2 2985629

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Weera Sakultab Mr. 
Monthip S.Tabukanon Ms. 

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In 1992 the government anounced the replacement of the 1975 legislation with the 1992 Royal Decree for Environmental Quality Promotion and Protection. The Office of National Environment Board underwent restructuring, and three departments were formed under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment. One of this three included the Department 0f Environmental Quality Promotion (DEQP), which acts as a core organization to increase public awareness and provide local and regional communities with the abilities to enable them to participate in the care and management of our environment. DEQP works in partnership with several sectors in society such as policy makers, private companies, media, non-govermental organization, local administration and grassroots people to create a balance between environmental conservation and development to ensure that the development will lead the country toward a sustainable future. In order to achieve this aim, DEQP also strongly support the activities to promote environmetal education among teachers and the youth at every level and provides opportunites for Thai people to participate in conservation activities throughout Thailand.