Department of Teacher Training

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Department of Teacher Training
Ministry of Education, LAO P.D.R.

Phone No.: 856-21-251919

Fax No.: 856-21-251919

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Chandy Phommabouth Mr Deputy Director of DTT

Organization Description :

The Department of Teacher Training (DTT) is one of the Departments within the Ministry of Education in Lao P.D.R. The objectives of the Department is to train and provide adequately the teachers in term of quality, according to the requirement of General Education Department. And to improve the quality of teachers and to enable them to be qualified teachers. The Main functions of DTT are in charge of (1). Planning of Teacher Training in order to meet the requirement of educational development, (2). Managing, Improving and Developing the Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) troughout the country, (3). Developing, Implementing and Evaluating teacher education curricula, (4). Upgrading teachers of general education to get the appropriate quality and (5). Studying the system, form and standard of teacher training. At the moment, there are 9 TTCs which belong directly to DTT. The TTCs play a major role in giving the pre-service training and in-service training of the primary teachers and lower secondary teachers. A part from that, The DTT supervised also 19 network teacher upgrading centers existing throughout the country. these NTUCs have the responsibility to train the Untrained teachers which represent 24% of total of primary teachers existing at the moment. 

Other Information :

In 1995 there was an important reform of Teacher Education Curricula. From that time environmental education has been introduced into teacher education curricula as a compulsory subject entitled: “Population Education and Environmental Education”