Ecology and Management of Tropical Ecosystems

Organiser :

Overview :

Will be offered from 2004.The program gives a broad overview of the ecology and management of tropical ecosystems through 4 core courses. It allows personal influence in the choice of 2 elective courses out of 3 offered courses followed by an individual specialization through a research project.Practical hands on research is given first priority in the courses by use of the university research station. Final evaluation of the students is generally weighed as 60% from assignments and 40% written exam

Level : Postgraduate

Certificate Awarded : Master in Science (Ecology and Management of Tropical Ecosystems)

Objective :

To produce a practical manager who is an expert, skilful and full of knowledge in ecological, chemistry and biological concepts in environmental areas.

Curriculum Description :

Course list not yet available

Frequency : Once per year

Venue : University Science Malaysia

Course Fees : RM 1700.- per semester