Environment (LAO-FoF, NUOL)

Overview :

The subject provides basic knowledge about environment. The course is taught for first year students of School of Foundations studies and the second year students of the Faculty of Forestry.

Level : Tertiary

Certificate Awarded : Diploma and Bachelor of Science

Objective :

To understand the meaning, and the roles of environment, to know the causes of environmental problems, to develop attitude in environmental protection, to improve the quality of life.

Curriculum Description :

This subject is a compulsory subject that being taught year first students in the School of Foundation Studies and second year students of the Faculty of Forestry. The subject is taught in 3 credits (2 hours lecture, and 2 hours practice). 

Course Content :

This course contains the following topics: Introduction to Environment and Ecosystem, Population Dynamics in an Ecosystem, Effects of Human Activities on Environment, Environmental Pollution, and Sustainable Management.

Frequency : Each semester

Commencement : 9/15/02

Duration : 4 months

Venue : Dong Dok campus

Contact Person :

Name Salutation Designation Phone/ Fax Email
Somsy Gnophanxay Dr. Vice Dean of Faculty of Forestry gnophanxay@hotmail.com