Environmental Education Advisor Network

Implementing Organisation : National Environment Agency

Type : Empowerment

Overview :

Environmental education is a broad-based, interdisciplinary topic that teachers would find relevant when adapting to mainstream school curriculum such as geography, science and social studies/history, even in languages and art/craft. The network of Environmental Education Advisor (EEAs) play the pivotal role of being an adviser to the students when coordinating environmentally themed projects or activities within or beyond the school, to the community. They serve as the point of contact between NEA and the schools, when new programmes become available for student participation or as a resource person when providing feedback to NEA on how environmental education can be improved to better benefit the school and students. 

Objectives :

To build a network of teachers to help plan, implement and communicate environmental programmes in educational institutions.

Duration : On-going

URL : http://www.nea.gov.sg/cms/3ppd/EEA2008.doc