Environmental Education

Organiser :

Overview :

This course aims to give awareness, knowledge and understanding of important environmental issues including those experienced locally. The course is offered to students from various faculties and the class meets once a week for two hours. In addition, students are required to go on a field trip usually to the Forest Reserve Institute of Malaysia to gain first hand experience of the environment. Trips have also been made to mangrove swamps, vegetable farms and the firefly tourist centre in Kuala Selangor to learn about conservation, the use of fertilizers and insecticides and eco-tourism. Students have also visited various interesting places like the zoo, parks, the sewage treatment plant, Department of Environment, World Wildlife Fund, etc. on their own.

Level : Under-graduate (any year)

Certificate Awarded : Part of the degree courseUndergraduate 2 credits (elective)

Objective :

It is hoped that at the end of the course, students would-be aware of the many environmental problems we face that need to be addressed by everyone-gain some knowledge of some of these problems like the causes, effects and steps to be taken etc.-practice the 3 Rs, reduce, reuse and recycle-participate in organized activities to protect our environment

Curriculum Description :

The course begins with an introduction of the meanings of the environment and related concepts like sustainable development, scientific terms, etc. A brief history of the international conferences and meeting to address environmental problems is discussed. Political, cultural, social and economic considerations and how they affect the success of governmental commitments for changes are briefly debated. Following that, 11 environmental issues are given , i.e. Air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, ozone depletion, global warming, land-use and toxic substances, deforestation, destruction of wetlands, endangered species, sewage treatment and the population bomb.

Frequency : This course is offered every semester i.e. twice every year. The class is very popular and many applicants have to be rejected. The class size is around 80 students

Venue : Faculty of Education , UM