Environmental Geography

Organiser : MYA-Geo,YU

Overview :

Clear vision of the role of environment concerns on all activities, human use of natural world and its resultant changes in the ecosystems.

Level : Tertiary

Certificate Awarded : B. A.(Hons) Degree

Objective :

To understand the field of Environmental Studies as an integrated discipline and the nature of its relationship to the surroundings, to deal successfully with the environmental problems, awareness of the cultural and historical evolutionary processes for decision making.

Curriculum Description :

4 hours lecture and two hours seminar per week. 

Course Content :

Fundamental principles basic to understand environmental interactions, major types of pollution, solid waste and hazardous and toxic wastes, complex and interrelated environmental problems, sustainability.

Frequency : One Semester

Contact Person :

Name Salutation Designation Phone/ Fax Email
Wai Wai Myint, Daw Lecturer, Department of Geography, University of Yangon.