Environmental Management

Organiser :

Overview :

The Program was established in 1999, but is not running at the moment, due to lack of students. Major revision is currently taking place and the programme is expected to be offered in the May 2004 intake. (The information given in this document is from the old programme).This program allows for specialization within Urban management, biodiversity and coastal zone management. The separation of the three specialization areas occur in the second semester. The students must complete 8 (2 credits each) compulsory courses and 4 (2 credits each) courses within their selected area of specialization plus 1 practical (3 credits) and a dissertation (9 credits) in order to fulfill 36 credits to graduate. The weightage for evaluation is 10% – 20% for essays, practical & seminar, 50% – 60% exam and 30% – 50% for assignments.

Level : Postgraduate

Certificate Awarded : Master of Environmental Management

Objective :

This program was designed as a link for postgraduates in environmental science, conservation biology; engineering, physical sciences and related science who wish to prepare themselves for occupation in environmental consultancy, environmental management, research, nature tourism or update or extend the experience of those already working in the field.

Curriculum Description :

CompulsoryStatistics and data analysisEcology and Terrestrial EnvironmentEnvironmental law and ManagementUrban and built environmentResearch methods and technical writingMarine environmentGIS, remote sensing and environmental modelingDesign and analysis of experimental workUrban ManagementSolid and toxic waste managementEnvironmental pollution and controlElective (choose 2)Environmental health and toxicologyGeohazard and managementEnergy use and managementBiodiversityBiogeographyAssessment and monitoring of biodiversityConservation biologyNatural reserves and wildlife managementCoastal ZonePrinciples/practices in coastal zone managementAssessment and management of coastal resourcesHabitat destruction and rehabilitationAssessment and mitigation of marine pollutionDissertationSpecial topics (practical)

Frequency : 1 intake per year

Venue : University Malaysia Sabah

Course Fees : 1st year Semester 1 RM 2003.00 Semester 2 RM 1075.002nd year Semester 1 RM 1188.00 Semester 2 RM 1075.00