Gender, Environment and Sustainable Development Centre ( GENDCEN )

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202, B5, Vinh Ho st., Dong Da District
Hanoi, Vietnam
Viet Nam

Phone No.: (844) 853-3860

Fax No.: (844) 563-6486

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Organization Description :


Gender, Environment and Sustainable Development Center (GENDCEN) is a nonprofit, non-governmental development, research and consulting institution registered under MOSTE license No 573 in May 1998. It was the main part of SEDEC (Socio-economic Development Centre). GENDCEN became independent institution in January 1998 through the sponsorship of the Vietnam Economic Association 

The center consists of scientists, managers and practitioners with different background who believe that their expertise can help combat poverty, inequality and environmental destruction in sustainable manner and commit to contribute to rural development cause through their development and research activities. 

During a short period since the establishment, GENDCEN team has performed several consulting assignments, one of which was the evaluation of integrated poverty alleviation projects supported by Bfdw for Sapa district women union (Lao Cai Province) (1998). The evaluation helps Bfdw to draw useful lessons for improving its assistance in Vietnam. GENDCEN’s understanding and vision are expressed clearly in its published book ‘ Gender Basic Concepts and Gender Issues in Vietnam (1999). Result of Women Employment and Economic Status Research conducted by GENDCEN (2000) have been used as scientific foundation for design National Program for Women Advancement 2000-2005 and Strategy up to 2010. Poverty, Gender equality, Land and forest tenure in upland area is a GENDCEN’s focus attention recently. 

Advising for Capacity Development and Enabling Environment for Poverty Alleviation 

Goals : 

*Contribution to elimination of poverty in Vietnam. 

Objectives : 

*Improving livelihood of poorest and disadvantage groups. 

*Improving knowledge on gender equality, sustainable environment and contribute in socio-economic development. 

*Develop GENDCEN to a modern development and research centre 


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