How to Establish and Run School Ecoclubs

Organiser : Mlup Baitong

Target Audience : School teachers, Education officials, Commune councils.

Mlup Baitong

Overview :

In order to run the course successfully, Mlup Baitong designed one course book, called Action Guide to School Ecoclubs. This Action Guide to School Ecoclubs was written in order to share the experience of Mlup Baitong in setting up and facilitating childrens ecoclubs in Cambodia. This book and the Environmental Education Activities Manual are used for the training. For Mlup Baitong, ecoclubs represent a way to achieve concrete and measurable outcomes in schools and communities. We have seen eco clubs transform environments: schools which once looked severely neglected now are clean healthy learning environments with tree planting nurseries, medicinal and flower gardens, information bulletin boards, and most importantly students and teachers who care for nature and their surrounding environment.

Objective :

To integrate environmental issues and improve the learning environment, students are facilitated to run eco- club independently such as school greening, appropriate waste disposal and composting, to spread the awareness to the entire school and local community.

Course Content :

Introduction to Eco-club activities. How to Set up Eco- club.- Running Eco-club.- Teacher Monitoring and Evaluating Workshop.- Solving Issues and successful keys to run Eco-club.

Delivery Method : Participatory approach, teaching demonstration and practice, field visits.

Frequency : Course will be held four times every year.

Venue : Depends on target audience, usually school classroom.

Contact Hours : 8:00-12:00, 12:00-5:30 weekdays

Collaborating Organisation : Ministry of Education Youth and Sport