Improvement of Teaching and Learning activities in E.E for Teacher Educators in Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs)

Organiser : LAO-DTT

Target Audience : Teacher Educators from TTCs


Overview :

The workshop on improvement of teaching and learning activities in E.E for teacher educators in TTCs was one of the several workshops which have been organize during the period of teacher education curricula reform from 1993-1998. At that time, All of the teachers in TTCs have been been trained how to use the new teacher curricula. But, most of the teachers have no experiences in carrying out the teaching and learning activities in E.E Therefore the workshop for providing them some more understanding about the environment, the lesson planning and the production and use of teaching materials in E.E were essential

Objective :

-To increase understanding of environmental issues and risks either at national level or regional level
-To increase knowledge of different methods and process in Environment Education
-To equip teachers educators the skill how to produce and use of teaching and learning materials in E.E

Course Content :

-Environmental issues (At National and Regional); National policies on environment.
-The use of curriculum and Textbooks
-Teaching Method and process in E.E and lesson planning
-The production and use of teaching materials in E.E
-The establishment of environmental quality improvement team at TTC level

Delivery Method : Workshop

Contact Person :

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