Indonesian Conservation Community WARSI ( KKI-WARSI )

Address :

Jl. R. Inu Kertapati No.12 RT 10
Komp. DPRD Kel. Pematang Sulur, Kec. Telanaipura
Jambi, 36124, Indonesia

Phone No.: 62-741-66695, 66678

Fax No.: 62-741-670509

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Organization Description :

Objective: Indonesian Conservation Community – WARSI is a Sumatra-based organization formed in 1992 by an alliance of 20 NGOs from 4 provinces (Jambi, South Sumatra, West Sumatra, Bengkulu) that is concerned to natural conservation and local community development. WARSI’s mission to congregate power in handling their programs in the field. Establishing as a foundation, since July 2003, the foundation was transformed become Indonesian Conservation Community-WARSI and office located in Jambi. WARSI’s forum encourages contribution from any participants not only from NGOs but also from professionals and University and other parties. 

WARSI’s aim is to attempt for a sustainable development that can discharge human need without threatening the future life. That is why WARSI develops a concept called: Conservation with Community. However WARSI has a motto “Conservation for Community Prosperity” not to discard community prosperity for Conservation. 

Mission and Objective: to relive the community based conservation of local people and influence the spatial management of conservation, especially at southern part of Sumatra, generally in Indonesia. 

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