M.Sc. (Environmental Studies)

Organiser : MYA-CHRD

Overview :

Our modern technology is affecting the environment in ways that will last hundreds and thousands of years and that we are producing chemicals that can remain active even longer. Of special concern are (1) radioactive wastes from nuclear power plants, (2) environmental effects of thermonuclear war, (3) long-term climatic change resulting from land use changes and technological activities, (4) worldwide spread of non radioactive toxic chemicals, (5) extinctions of large numbers of species as a result of human activities, (6) direct effects of rapid increases in human population, (7) destruction of forests and fertile soils that will impoverish them for agricultural production for very long periods, and (8) long-term impacts of apparently short-term technological benefits, such as the impact on natural systems of the current rapid advances in genetic engineering.

Level : Graduate

Certificate Awarded : Degree

Objective :

To be aware of the interrelationship between living things and the non-living environment.
To understand renewable and non-renewable resources.
To link environmental studies with biodiversity conservation.
To avoid misconduct of the resources in the environment.

Curriculum Description :

Physical resources – air, water, minerals and energy and introduces basic concepts concerning the non biological environment, with special emphasis on natural hazards and hazardous wastes. Includes planning environmental economics, environmental laws, and the urban environment. 

Course Content :

Environmental Ethics
Physical and biological processes on earth
Earth’s energy budget
Natural hazards
Environmental planning

Frequency : Semester

Commencement : October

Duration : 2 Years

Application Period : 1 Month

Venue : University of Yangon

Contact Person :

Name Salutation Designation Phone/ Fax Email
Tin Nwe Daw Professor


Course Fees : 500 Kyats per Month