Master of Engineering (Quality, Safety, Health & Environment)

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Overview :

Will be offered from May 2004.The program focuses on a broad range of environmentally related aspects including quality, safety, health and general environment.The program gives a broad overview of environmental aspects through 5 core courses. It allows personal influence in the choice of 5 elective courses out of 7 offered courses followed by an individual specialization through a research project.All courses include case study projects. Final evaluation of the students is generally weighed as 50% from assignments and 50% from written exams

Level : Postgraduate

Certificate Awarded : Master of Engineering (Quality, Safety, Health & Environment)

Curriculum Description :

CompulsorySafety, Health, Environment & quality managementSustainable Process EngineeringEnvironmental ChemistryEnvironmental Monitoring & Assessment Quality Assurance & AssessmentElective (Choose 5)Hazard Identification and EvaluationQuantitative Risk AssessmentHazardous Waste ControlWater Pollution Control TechnologyAir & Noise Pollution ControlEnvironmental Impact Assessment & AuditingEnvironmental BiotechnologyDissertation

Frequency : Held twice every year

Venue : University of Malaya

Course Fees : Malaysian students: 8.500 RM (3 semesters) + 300 RM per additional semester of coursework and 1500 RM per additional semester for dissertationInternational students: 20% higher