MICCL Environmental Baseline Study

Implementing Organisation : MICCL-YU

Type : Awareness, tree planting.

Overview :

The project area site is near Monywa where Sabetaung and Kyisintaung are located. The project is an acid heap leach and solvent extraction-electrowinning (SX-EW) operation that is projected to produce 25,000 tones of copper metal per year for a period of twenty years. 

The environment baseline describes the existing biophysical and social environments. It provides a record of existing environmental conditions against which any changes induced by the project can subsequently be measured. It also serves to identify and separate existing environmental degradation from any future impacts that may result from the MICCL project. 

Six permanent vegetation monitoring transects have been established on Taungkamauk and Kyadwintaung. Each transect is 20 meter long, with a permanent marker locating the beginning and end of each transect. The vegetation monitoring points are recorded and maps developed for future site locating and reporting purposes. Vegetation monitoring is undertaken on a biannual basis. Measurement is made by quadrat method. 

Objectives :

Plant diversity in that particular area can be identified.

Duration : 26-3-2001 to 2 years.