Natural Resources and Environmental Management (NUOL)

Overview :

This course provides basic knowledge about each type of natural resources. the course also outlines the causes of environment degradation, some techniques and methods to be applied in environmental protection. At the end of each topic, some useful recommendations are given.

Level : Tertiary

Certificate Awarded : Bachelor of Science

Objective :

To obtain knowledge about natural resources and environment, the approaches for environment management. Select some case studies for applying the methods and techniques, developing environmental skill for students.

Curriculum Description :

that has negative impact on human and environment. This subject is a selective subject that being taught year 5 students in the geography department. The subject is taught in 3 credits (2 hours lecture, and 2 hours practice).

Course Content :

This course contains the following topics: The scope and principles of environment management, management of soil, water, air, energy, forest, wildlife animals, aquatic animals, human resource. Some approach and techniques are also provided in chemical substance management, solid waste management, pharmaceutical and drug management, and Management plan.

Frequency : One semester a year

Commencement : 2/25/02

Duration : 4 months

Venue : Dong Dok campus

Contact Person :

Name Salutation Designation Phone/ Fax Email
Bounnam Pathoumthong Mr. Head of Ecology and Environment Unit