Professional programme (Non-formal Course)

Organiser : INA-IEEN (JPL)

Target Audience : Environmental Activists working for NGOs or other organisations (such as in media) INA-IEEN (JPL)

Overview :

Most activists are already educated but not in environmental education or organisational management. This programme aims to improve the skill of activists working towards environmental education.

Objective :

Improve skills of activists working in environmental education.

Course Content :

The program offers 3 basic components:- Strategic and Organisational Management; Environmental Education Program; Environmental Education Material and Media Development

Delivery Method : Workshop, Seminar, Field Studies, Practical Implementation and Evaluation

Contact Person :

Name Salutation Designation Email
R. Eko Winarto, BSc Ir. Program Coordinator 
Latimah Hendarti Program Coordinator

Facilitator :

Name Salutation Designation Email
Course leader varies – dependant on need

Frequency : Half-yearly

Venue : PPLH Seloliman, and Others

Contact Hours : Two weeks

Collaborating Organisation : Field Studies Council UK, (British Council)