Recycling Outreach Programme

Implementing Organisation : National Environment Agency

Type : Resource Conservation, Empowerment

Overview :

The Schools Recycling Outreach Programme was launched in 2005 as another environmentally themed community programme. The programme aims to involve schools in reaching out not only to their school community but also their neighbouring residents to encourage environmental action and awareness towards minimising waste and recycling. The programme is structured in two phases: (I) within the school premises; and (II) outside the school premises. Phase I of the programme is easily incorporated into existing school functions and schools have the liberty to decide when they wish to move on to phase II of the programme. 

Objectives :

* To provide a structured programme for the school community in taking on recycling and National Recycling Programme matters 

* To encourage the school community to reach out to the neighbouring community around the school and educate them on recycling and National Recycling Programme.

Duration : Ongoing