Vector Control Course for Technicians

Organiser :

Overview :

Candidates who to practice as Vector Control Technicians must attend and pass this course to qualify for licensing by the National Environment Agency under the Control of Vectors and Pesticides Act 1998

Certificate Awarded : Certificate by Singapore Environment Institute

Objective :

To train participants on the aspects of vector control measures and the use of pesticides and equipment.

Curriculum Description :

1) Introduction to Vectors;
2) General Morphology, Medical Importance and Biology of Aedes, Culex, Flies, Cockroaches, Fleas, Rodents & Termites,
3)Surveillance and Control of Mosquito, Flies, Cockroaches, Fleas, Rodents and Termites;
4)Chemical Control, Safety Precaution & Legislation;
5) Field Practical and Surveys

Frequency : Four runs per year

Venue : Singapore Environment Institute, 40 Scotts Road #06-00, Environment Building, Singapore 228231