A Multidisciplinary Approach to a Sustainable Environment (MASE)

Organiser : Dr Cheong PA @ Irene Teh

Overview :

Environmental education is one way to prepare people to meet the responsibility to ensure a sustainable environment.. For this reason, students need to be equipped with understanding and skills for a sustainable environment and hence, the role of teachers is important. A multidisciplinary approach is emphasised in this course and thus it is suitable for student-teachers in both the sciences and arts secondary education programmes. 

Certificate Awarded : Undergraduate and postgraduate degree

Objective :

The course aims to provide student-teachers with a broad understanding of the scope of environmental education as well as the issues in promoting a sustainable environment among secondary students. More specifically, the course will expose student-teachers to a wide range of environmental concerns and encourage them to reflect and act for a sustainable environment in the context of secondary school teaching. Student-teachers in the science and arts secondary education programmes will be encouraged to develop some learning strategies within the school curriculum and creatively use community resources so that secondary students are provided with opportunities for learning for a sustainable environment.

Curriculum Description :

1.Global and local environmental concerns;

awareness; knowledge; attitudes; behaviour, worldviews and sources of information.; the commitment and the need for a sustainable environment.
2.Environmental education and its role: its definitions;
its adequacy in terms of teaching and learning strategies and assessment procedures.
3.Community problem solving: identifying local problems and issues, working out possible solutions and developing skills for a sustainable environment.

Frequency : Twice a year

Venue : Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education, Universiti Brunei Darussalam