CePSO – Course for Certified Environmental Professional in Scrubber Operation


Organiser : EiMAS

Target Audience : Industry personnel who have been given the task to operate or supervise the operation of scrubbers on industrial premises


Overview :

One of the main air pollution control systems widely used in the industries in Malaysia for the control of gaseous pollutants is scrubbers. To ensure proper operation and continued optimal performance, scrubbers need to be operated or supervised by competent persons. 

The Environment Institute of Malaysia (EiMAS) has introduced a hands on training program to certify your operators and supervisors as competent persons to supervise the operation of scrubbers. 

Through this certification program, your operators and supervisors will be trained to conduct performance monitoring as outlined in the Guidance Document on Performance Monitoring issued by the Department of Environment (DOE).

Objective :

To impart knowledge and skills to enable operators and supervisors to properly operate scrubbers to ensure compliance with the Clean Air Regulation, 1978 and to help prevent episodes of scrubber failure.
To give hands-on training on how to conduct performance monitoring of scrubbers. 


Course Content :

Day 1 

Introduction to Air Pollution Control System (APCS), Scrubbing System (Class room lecture))
Introduction to air pollution control equipment;
Introduction to scrubber (Vertical Packed Tower Scrubber);
Introduction to equipment associated with Scrubber System;
DOE Legal requirement;
DOE Certification requirement.

Delivery Method : Lectures / Discussion; Course Assignment; Hands on training using industry size scrubber installed at EiMAS Hands on Air Pollution Control Training Centre

Course Fees : 4,000.00 per person RM

URI : http://www.doe.gov.my/files/u239/CePSO_2010_pdf_0.pdf