Environmental awareness course

Organiser : Mlup Baitong

Target Audience : School teachers, Government officials, Park rangers, Monks, Local community Mlup Baitong

Overview :

This course was designed by environmental educators in Cambodia to raise general environmental awareness. As Cambodia emerges into a new stage of development, the questions and issues surrounding natural resources are taking on ever more significance. It is crucial that both the current and future generations are able to understand these issues and make sound decisions for sustainable development. As a starting point, this course covers general environmental issues which are important in Cambodia such as forestry, wildlife, water, and pollution. Trainers use a variety of materials, such as video, games, posters, and maps.

Objective :

To increase environmental awareness and conservation through education, and training.

Course Content :

General Environment in Cambodia, Forest, Wildlife, Water, Waste, and Pollution.

Delivery Method : Participatory approach, simulation exercises, field visits, community mapping, discussions.

Frequency : Course will be held four times every year.

Venue : Depends on target audience

Contact Hours : 8:00 12:00, 12:00 5:30 Weekdays

Collaborating Organisation : Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Education and Sport, FAO, OSMOSE, Save Cambodia’s Wildlife.