Environmental Education Program

Type : EE through schools, pagodas, and military

Overview :

Mlup Baitong works with schools, pagodas, and military bases to implement its environmental education program. In work with schools, the EE program focusses on the establishment and support of school Eco-clubs. These clubs work to improve the school and community environment. In the case of the pagodas, Mlup Baitong works with monks and the pagoda community, drawing on the strong links between Buddhism and environment to develop an environmental ethic. Practical activities include workshops, tree planting, and outreach. Mlup Baitong also works with soldiers on EE by conducting training courses to introduce soldiers to concepts of environment. 

Objectives :

The objective of the program is to increase environmental awareness and encourage various stakeholders to cooperate in order to solve environmental resource issues. 

Duration : This is an ongoing program which started in 1998.