Kelana Jaya Lakes Rehabilitation Programme : Community Awareness and Participation in Conservation of Freshwater Ecosystem and its Biodiversity

Implementing Organisation : Global Environment Centre (GEC)

Type : Lake Rehabilitation, Wetlands Construction, Pollution monitoring, Waste Management : Education Awareness, Recycling, Composting,

Overview :

The Kelana Jaya Municipal Park is situated to the southwest of Petaling Jaya Township. It is a popular recreation spot for jogging and fishing. The lakes in particular are the most interesting feature in the park. Before the park was developed, these lakes were originally ex-mining ponds which function primarily as flood retention areas. Ten years ago, the lake was clear and blue and abundant with wetland plants. 

It was a habitat for many wildlife including fishes (Puntius spp., Channa spp., Anabas spp.,Clarius spp), waterbirds (rails and herons) and insects. However, the loss of wetland plants and pollution from its catchment area is changing the ecosystem. Local fish species are now replaced with more resilient alien fish species such as tilapias, guppies and sucker fish (ikan bandaraya). The water quality is deteriorating because of inflow of partially treated sewage from a near by oxidation pond, rubbish and food waste from the residential and commercial area in Kelana Jaya. Results from water quality test carried out in 2001 indicated that the lakes are at Class V. 

Participation from local communities in the management of the lakes and its catchment area was non-existent and the local council had inadequate human resources or technical expertise on lake restoration and management or a community approach to catchment management. After an extensive consultation with local stakeholders and feedback from local community, GEC with full support from MPPJ had initiated this project to assist the local council in the rehabilitation of the lakes and to promote collaboration with the local communities living around the park and in the catchment. 

It is a collaborative Programme developed under PJ Local Agenda 21.The project is progressing very well after a year of implementation. The project team is working well with the Petaling Jaya Municipal Council through its Department of Development and Maintenance, Landscape Division and the Environment Division. The project has also established good relationships with park users and residents in Kelana Jaya since 2001. A formal Project Management structure was established in September 2002 involving all key stakeholders including the Local Authority, NGOs, private sector, government agencies and community groups. The Project Steering Committee and three Working Groups which focusing on Pollution Reduction, Lake Rehabilitation and Community Involvement were established and held several meetings. 

Duration : Kelana Jaya Lakes Rehabilitation Programme is a three year (2002-2004) community-based project.