Project Management based on Logical Framework Approach (LFA)

Organiser : MENGO Support Unit (MSU)

Target Audience : Volunteer, project officers and manager of NGOs

MENGO Support Unit (MSU)

Overview :

This short course comprises 2 series of workshops on Logical Framework Approach to Malaysian Environmental NGOs (MENGOs). The first workshop focused on the process of developing a project using LFA and the second workshop focused on the LFA as a tool in project management.

Objective :

To use LFA as a tool in project management

Course Content :

-Overview : What is a project and how can it be designed and implemented.-Management of change-Management by Objectives-Responsibilities for Project Implementation-The Project Cycle and Logical Framework Approach-The Planning Process-Cross-cultural collaboration-Monitoring and adjustments of plans-Communication and Reporting

Delivery Method : Talks, Presentations, Group Discussions and Video Presentations.

Frequency : One time course held in 2002 and 2003

Venue : Shahs Village Hotel, Petaling Jaya & Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort.

Contact Hours : Approximately 24 hours.

Collaborating Organisation : Danish International Human Settlement Service