Saving the ASEAN Dream

ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity. 2005. DVD

The DVD provides a glimpse of the richness and diversity of ASEAN’s landscapes, people, flora and fauna. It also highlights the value and usefulness of biodiversity. The DVD also provides an overview of ASEAN’s cooperation on nature conservation and biodiversity and environment, as well as highlights the ASEAN Heritage Parks (AHP) Programme which was inaugurated at the Conference on AHP held at Khao Yai National Park , Thailand on 24-29 September 2004.

The DVD also promote public awareness on the importance pf conservation of biological diversity, focusing on sharks, marine turtles, coral reefs, rainforest, the environment, Mount Kinabalu National Park, Gunung Mulu National Park, Khao Yai National Park and extinction of important species, in the form of 10 one-minute vignettes.