School Recycling Corner Programme

Implementing Organisation : National Environment Agency

Type : Resource Conservation, Empowerment

Overview :

National Environment Agency (NEA), together with the Public Waste Collectors and the Singapore Environmental Council (SEC), works closely with schools to set-up sustainable recycling programmes for students. NEA hopes that through a structured and comprehensive recycling programme, coupled with support from the schools, recycling will become a way of life for the students, both within the school and in the community. The school is to set aside an appropriate area for a ‘Recycling Corner’ where the recycling bins for the collection of paper, cans and plastic bottles, as well as recycling information are be made available to the students. The Corner function as a: i) Source of information on waste minimisation & recycling; ii) Focal point for recycling. The recycling bins and collection services are provided free of charge to the schools participating in the programme. 

Objectives :

To educate and inculcate the habit of recycling amongst the students and staff in the school.

Duration : Ongoing