Sustainable Futures

Organiser : Professor Robert Jackson, UK

Target Audience : Professional Degree Holders PWD Staff

Professor Robert Jackson, UK

Overview :

Sustainability is a concept used for integrating economic, social and environmental policies to ensure better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come. Innovation and creating will be required to yeild new processes, new methodogies and new ways of managing the resources of Brunei Darussalam. THis will require for finding new ways of meeting people’s needs, expectations and aspirations while ensuring that the economy, society and the built and natural environments frow and develop in harmony.

Objective :

Awareness of sustainability relating to construction

Course Content :

Environmental Management systems, environmental sustainability, sustainable technologies

Delivery Method : Discussion and talk

Frequency : Once a year since 2002

Venue : Ministry of Development Training Centre

Contact Hours : 14 hours