Conservation Education and Awareness Programme Administration and Development (non-ENV Certified Course)

Organiser : Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV)

Target Audience : Core staff of projects intending to develop community-based education programs at protected areas, but where the host organization prefers not to meet the pre-requisite standards for staff selection, site review, and post development evaluation to ensure program success

Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV)

Overview :

This is a non-ENV certified training programme. Trainees receive the same training that they would have under the Certified Course, except that the absence of project site assessment, screening for candidate suitability, and evaluations of progress and effectiveness, limit the ability of the ENV to monitor and ensure program success after training. Subsequently, this course is a “stand-alone” training course for projects wishing to increase the capacity and skills of staff, but requiring no further assistance or support from ENV upon the completion of training

Objective :

To increase the capacity and skills of trainees to carry out community-based EE programmes in the field

Course Content :

The course content covers: Capacity in program administration and management Leadership skills Teaching and presentation skills Baseline understanding of key ecology/environmental, conservation issues. Program development capacity Field experience working with a successful community-based project.

Delivery Method : Eight-weeks training at ENV’s Training Center

Contact Person :

Name Salutation Designation Email
Trinh Le Nguyen Mr. ENV Programme Director 

Frequency : Depends on needs

Venue : ENV’s Training Center and/or on-site

Contact Hours :

Collaborating Organisation :