Conservation Education Training Course for Trainers – Cat Tien National Park Conservation Project

Organiser : WWF Indochina

Target Audience : Cat Tien National Park staff, Teachers in 12 local secondary schools

WWF Indochina

Overview :

Cat Tien is a biodiversity hotspot in Vietnam, harbouring the last known population of Javan rhinos in mainland Southeast Asia. The project intends to reverse a number of threats by actively protecting the area. Simultaneously, the project assists the people living inside the park and those who are mostly affected by restrictions put on the use of this area by providing technical inputs, developing alternative agricultural systems and income generating activities following a participatory approach.

Objective :

– To enhance training of trainer skills for the Conservation Education (CE) Team of Cat Tien National Park – To strengthen their capacity to implement environmental education programs specifically with student based Green Clubs; – To test the use of the Manual for Green Clubs “Discovering Nature: An activity guide for school children” in 12 local schools

Course Content :

In the first week, the conservation education (CE) staff are trained to be trainers and introduced with training skills such as visual aid material preparation, presentation, motivation of groups, participatory development of outdoor activities, lesson plan assessment etc. In the second week, various concepts were introduced to participating teachers by the CE group and WWF team, such as: the basics of EE, approaches and methods of teaching and learning, economics/consumption and the environment, environmental ethics, sustainable development, behaviour and attitude change in EE and green club development. In the last two weeks, the Cat Tien CE group and WWF team visite the 12 participating schools where teachers are testing the activities with children. The team monitors the pilot testing of the activities by the teachers to identify ways to improve the guide.

Delivery Method : Lectures, simulation exercises, school visit, and games

Contact Person :

Name Salutation Designation Email
Michael Matarasso Mr. Environmental Education Program Manager

Frequency :

Venue : Cat Tien National Park

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