Environmental Control Officers’ Course

Organiser :

Overview :Certificate Awarded : This course is accredited under the Registered Safety Officer’s Continuing Professional Development Programme.

Objective :

To train construction site supervisor on the environmental health control work. The primary aim of the ECO scheme is for the contractors to take a more pro-active role to ensure that construction sites are kept free of environmental health problems.

Curriculum Description :

– Control of Disease-Bearing Vectors and Rodents
– Proper Management and Disposal of Solid Waste
– Control of Noise and Dust Pollution
– General Housekeeping
– Drainage Control
– Air and Water Pollution Control
– Environmental Public Health Law
– Examination

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Contact Person :

Name Salutation Designation Phone/ Fax Email
SEI (65) 67319208 nea_seicustomer@nea.gov.sg

URI : http://www.nea.gov.sg/cms/sei/Courses_eco.html