Environmental Sciences

Organiser :

Overview :

Four year full time course containing a range of subjects (see curriculum description below).

Certificate Awarded : Bachelor degree

Objective :

For participants to gain qualification in environmental science

Curriculum Description :

Year 1 – General Education: English language, social science, humanity, science and mathematics, general biology, chemistry and physics. 

Year 2 – General Education: English language.Required Courses: Introduction to environment, economics, ecosystems, environment and sustainable development, environmental pollution and public health, environment and energy.Core Course: Urban environment, land resources and management, environmental legislation and policy, natural resource management and planning, agriculture and environment. 

Year 3 – General Education: English language.Required Courses: Project planning and implementation, environmental quality management, environmental ethics.Core Courses: Aquatic and marine resources and management, water resourse systems and management, urban infrastructure and services, air pollution and climate change, solid waste management, waste economy, biodiversity conservation, protected area management. 

Year 4 – Required Courses: Research methodology, EIA, problem based learning.Core Courses: Gender and environment, environmental management for tourism, sustainable forest management, population and environment, water quality and management.

Frequency : One intake per year

Venue : Phnom Penh