Graduate Diploma in Archeology

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Overview :

Environment is a subject integrated into the main course with the aim of providing environmental knowledge to students to enable them to clearly understand the importance of the environment for human society. It is to encourage them to participate in the protection and conservation of environment in three fields: natural environment, socio-cultural environment and human environment.Students are also provided with an overview of the vision and mission of the Ministry of Environment (MOE), which plays an important role in the conservation of environment for the benefit of people. The course also makes clear that the MOE does not want to be a barrier for development provided that the development is environmentally sound. Finally the course makes the students aware that degradation of the environment is often caused by human activities and the protection of environment is a common duty for all.


Certificate Awarded : Bachelor degree (to be provided at the end of year 4, if successful)

Objective :

For students to participate in the protection and conservation of the environment.

Curriculum Description :

Environment is an additional subject to diploma on archeology and comprises four subjects as follows:

1)- The importance of the environment to human and social economic issues. The main concept of this subject focusses on: What is needed daily for people to live? Where do the materials came from? It is demonstrated that the natural environment is source of life. It also focusses on what the environment is, and this elaborates on the concepts of natural environment, socio-cultural environment and human environment.

2)- Ecology and Ecosystem. This lesson focusses on: the necessity for environmental balance, biodiversity, the food chain, and the importance of forests.

3)- Factors that cause degradation to the environment. This subject covers the following points: The factor of population growth, the use of natural resources per capita, the use of natural resources per sector, war factors, political factors, economic factors, technological factors, environmental ethic factors, and the global environmental status.4)- The mission of the Ministry of Environment. This subject covers the role and function of the MOE, development and environment, the law and sub-decrees prepared by the MOE, and other international conventions that the MOE is a member to.


Frequency : Once per year

Venue : Archeology Faculty, Royal University of Fine Art