Management of Good Indoor Air Quality

Organiser :

Level : Building/estate managers, maintenance officers, building owners, management corporations, professionals who are responsible and concerned for maintaining good indoor air quality.

Certificate Awarded : Participants will gain 12 PDU units upon completion of the course.

Objective :

Participants who have completed the course will be able to
Understand an overview of IAQ
Become familiar with all the regulations and clauses related to IAQ, both local and international standards, including the ability to appreciate that the tightening of all the possible loopholes to improve IAQ is very essential (both hard and soft approaches- Smoking Regs, WSHA, Green Mark, SSCP IAQ, Toxic Mold Act, Finnish Labelling Material Scheme, EPHA Act Nuisance Order, etc) and allowing the participant to bring back such awareness to their peers.

Understand ACMV with the aim to provide good practices for regular maintenance 

Be able to conduct an IAQ Audit 

Be able to provide specific solutions for specific problems 

Be able to make a decision for a water treatment programme used in cooling towers 

Curriculum Description :

Fundamental of IAQ
Regulations Governing IAQ in S’pore
HVAC Systems and IAQ
Mold Assessment Clean-Up and Remediation
Risk Assessment and Effective Water Treatment
IAQ Audit and Measurement of IAQ Parameters
Building Inspections:Cooling Tower and Air Handling Units (AHUs)
Effective Air Cleaning Technogies for Rectfiying Specific IAQ Problems
Good Filitration in ACMV System
Improving Indoor Air Quality
Success Stories on “Microbial Control in Air-Conditioning

Frequency :

Venue : SEI Training Room, 40 Scotts Rd #06-00 Environment Building, Signapore 228231

Contact Person :

Name Salutation Designation Phone/ Fax Email
SEI (65) 67319208


Course Fees : $440 (incl GST)