Masters in Environmental Management

Organiser :

Overview :

This graduate program aims to train environmental practitioners and leaders to meet the needs of industry, government and private consulting in the various aspects of environmental management.; The program envisions today’s environmental manager as technically competent, socially aware and culturally rooted. Thus, the program provides students with a comprehensive professional education integrating management with the physical sciences and engineering, the social sciences, and humanities.

Level : Graduate

Certificate Awarded : Masters Degree in Environmental Management

Objective :

The program aims to : provide an integrated interdisciplinary approach to Environmental Management by combining scientific, technical, economic, social and ethical considerations; provide students with up-to-date training in understanding and managing current environmental issues; prepare leaders in government, industry and civil society with a local, national and global appreciation of environmental protection and sustainable development; emphasize value-based and culturally-appropriate approaches to environmental decision making while incorporating international considerations and experiences

Curriculum Description :

The MEM curriculum is designed to respond to the needs of environmental management professionals from all sectors. It aims to equip the student with the basic concepts in Environmental Science and Engineering needed to undertake Environmental Management, as well as the essential background in Environmental Economics, Ethics, Law and Policy. The program provides a wide array of courses grouped into tracks, which will enable the student to pursue a topic of interest and relevance to his/her line of work. Finally, as a culminating activity, the student will complete a Master’s Project.

Frequency : Regularly offered yearly starting June 2002

Venue : Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Height, Quezon City, Philippines