MS in Environmental Engineering

Organiser :

Overview :

The students accepted to the MSEnE program are those with a degree of BS in Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Mining or Public Health and Sanitary Engineering. For the program of study, there are two options: thesis and non-thesis. In the former, an MS thesis equivalent to 6 units and a minimum of 24 units of course work are required. In the latter option, a minimum of 36 units of course work is required.

Level : Graduate

Certificate Awarded : Masters of Science in Environmental Engineering

Objective :

The MSEnE program aims to provide advanced and specialized training in environmental engineering, including water quality control, wastewater disposal and treatment, design courses in biological, chemical, and advanced treatment processes, pollution control, solid waste management, environmental impact assessment and related concerns

Curriculum Description :

The MSEnE curriculum combines both practical and theoretical courses based on several EnE programs abroad. At present, the MSEnE curriculum is in the process of revision in order to give graduate students training suitable for advisory work, research and development, and higher education. The laboratory courses will involve more field work in a wide variety of relevant subjects: waste treat ability studies; exercises in experimental design; data analysis; some hydraulic studies; and kinetic studies. Since the parameters which are used to describe an ecosystem, their disturbances, and the preventive and corrective technologies are predominantly chemical and biological in nature, the basic courses in environmental biology and chemical processes will be further strengthened. By increasing linkages with other research institutes, and careful planning of individual programs of study with prospect thesis advisers, the MSEnE faculty hopes to encourage the students to do research.

Venue : The UP College of Engineering, Melchor Hall, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines