Promotion on Teaching activities in E.E in Teacher Training Colleges and pilot schools

Implementing Organisation : Department of Teacher Training

Type : Awareness

Overview :

The estimated population of LAOS is about 5.2 millions, 5.9 millions, 6.8 millions and 8.7 millions in the year 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2020. respectively, with the growing rate approximately 2.4%. The rapid increase of population for the two next decades will create an enormous pressure and effects on the natural resources, especially on the forest coverage and the cultivated land areas. The most important problems of environment we face at the moment are the declining of forest coverage (300,000 ha per year), the degradation of fertility of agriculture land, the soil erosion, the natural clammily, the waste and water pollution, especially in the urban area. Since the education reform in 1995 E.E have been introduced environmental education into general education curriculum and teacher education curriculum through out certain subjects (World around us in primary schools, natural sciences and civic education in lower secondary school, geography and biology in upper secondary school, and population education and environmental education in Teacher Training Colleges. But understanding, attitudes and behaviors of teachers and students towards the environment protection still very low. So far there were no national projects on EE in TTCs and in general school. So The E.E activities in school are scarce, except in TTCs where there are the establishment of environmental quality improvement teams who are in charge of carrying out the environmental activities at TTC level Therefore, The Ministry of Education try to launch a project The promotion in teaching activities in E.E in TTCs and pilot schools project This project will be implemented in 8 TTCs, 16 primary schools, 8 lower secondary schools and 8 upper secondary schools in 8 districts of 8 provinces. The main activities will focus on the establishment of the steering committee of the project, the training of national implementation team and the training of teacher educators in 8 Tics, the educational administrators in 8 provinces and districts, the training of primary teachers and secondary teachers in pilot schools of 8 provinces, the strengthening of environmental quality improvement committee (EQIC) at TTCs level and pilot schools and the translation of E.E materials into Lao the approximated cost of this program is about 346,000 U$. At the moment, we are seeking for fund from certain donors to carry out this project 

Objectives :

-To familiarize teachers and educational administrators with different aspects and problems of the environment
-To enable them a basic to incorporate environmental education effectively into their respective teaching and learning activities
-To increase knowledge of different method and process in E.E 

Duration : 3 years (2002-2004)