Southeast Asia in Transition

Type : Research Project

Overview :

“Southeast Asia in Transition” aims at studying on-going social and related ecology transtition processes in 4 countries (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, the Phillipines). A consortium of 6 Southeast Asian and 3 European partners will carry out separate country studies and then analyse the genetated data along selected thematic priorities according to different methodologies supplied by European partners. By identifying relevant factors of society-environement realtions in individual countries and through comparison, the consortium will work out policy option for sustainable development in the region. Furthermore, the consortium plans to establish a permanent research network on ‘Transition Studies’ beyond the duration of the project. 

Objectives :

“Southeast Asia in Transition” is an interdisciplinary research project that aims at studying the dynamics and processes of social and political transitions currently visible in Southeast Asia and their related environmental impacts. The project analyses sustainable development in Southeast Asian economies on the basis of and understanding of the interaction between socio-economic system and the environment. The result of the project will be valuable input for the development of policy strategies of sustainability.

Duration : 3 years