Recycling and Composing Organic Garbage

Organiser : PRCF-Indonesia

Target Audience : High school students, teachers, university students, and local communities (women and youth)


Overview :

Recycling and composing organic garbage is being developed by PRCF-Indonesia due to a proliferation of garbage disposal that has been polluting watersheds used by communities in West Kalimantan.Recycling aims to build positive attitudes in the participants to decrease their use of organic material or use organic material efficiently. Composting provides a means to separate organic waste from the watershed by producing compost fertilizer, which can support organic permanent agriculture (permaculture).

Objective :

Objectives on this course are to develop knowledge and share direct experiences on how to decrease pollution into to watersheds due to organic garbage.

Course Content :

Recycling paper and developing permanent agriculture (permaculture)

Delivery Method : Discussion, direct experiences and field trips

Frequency : Held twice every year, starting with urban communities

Venue : Pontianak

Collaborating Organisation : Sylva Indonesia Universitas Tanjungpura