B.Sc. Engg (Environmental Studies)

Organiser : MYA-CHRD

Overview :

The field of environmental studies integrates many disciplines and includes some of the most important applied topics of modern civilization as well as one of the oldest philosophical concerns of human beings – that of the nature of our relationship with our surroundings. Both applied and basic aspects of environmental studies require a solid foundation in anthropology, economics, history, and philosophy of the environment. Not only do we need the best ideas and information to deal successfully with our environmental problems, but also we must be aware of the cultural and historical context in which we make decisions about our environment and understand the ways in which choices are made and implemented. Thus, the field of environmental studies integrates the natural sciences with environmental ethics, environmental economics, environmental law, and planning Environmental studies: Earth as a Living Planet provides an introduction to the entire spectrum of relationships between people and the environment.

Level : Graduate

Certificate Awarded : Degree

Objective :

To understand the importance of Environmental management and Biodiversity Conservation.
To place the value of environment and preserve it for future generation.
To conduct proper management of the environment.

Curriculum Description :

Ecological concepts that are basic to environmental studies, ecosystems and biological geography.
Human population dynamics, because human population growth underlies essentially all of one environmental issues.
Renewable biological resources, the management of which is based on the ecological concepts.

Course Content :

Environmental Science
Atmospheric System
Global Biogeochemical Cycles
Origin of the Earth and its internal structure and composition
The variety of life
Pollution from human activities
Plant Ecological succession
Conservation of the Biomes
Ecosystems and communities
Management Planning for protected areas
Law enforcement

Frequency : Semester

Commencement : October

Duration : 4 Years

Application Period : 1 Month

Venue : University of East Yangon

Contact Person :

Name Salutation Designation Phone/ Fax Email
Tin Nwe Daw Professor

Course Fees : 2000 Kyats per Month