B.Sc Engg (Environmental Studies)

Organiser : MYA-Bot.YU

Overview :

Environmental study is an interdisciplinary education dealing with environmental problems, which required a team approach involving several disciplines. The physical sciences, earth sciences and biological sciences are all included in the education. The students must know the correlation between living and non-living in the environment. 

A working knowledge of botany, zoology, physics, chemistry, geography and mathematics are required, together with some insight into history, geology, economics, computer science, and a little bit of global politics. Environmental science is a fast expanding subject and has on enormous capacity to encompass all others into its fold.

Level : Tertiary or Graduate

Certificate Awarded : B.Sc Engg (Environmental Studies)Degree

Objective :

To develop clean, healthy and sustainable environment by education.

Curriculum Description :

Consist of 6 modules from different disciplines in each semester. Every week there will be 3 hours lectures & 2 hours practical/tutorial for each module. 

Course Content :

The course content of each module is authorised by the professor, head of the department concerned. The Department of Botany conducted the following courses: Plants Diversity, Structure of Community, Taxonomic Studies of Dicots & Monocots, Ecological Successions, Systematic Classification of Plants, Role of Significances in Ecosystem, Management & Conservation of Plant Diversity, Management Planning for Protected Areas.

Frequency : 16 weeks per semester; 2 semesters per year for 4 years.

Commencement : October, 2001

Duration : 4 years

Application Period : One month before the date of commencement.

Venue : University of East Yangon

Contact Person :

Name Salutation Designation Phone/ Fax Email
Daw Si Prof, Professor, Head
Nyo Mg Associate Prof,U Associate Professor