Population Education and Environmental Education for 8+3 Teacher Training System

Organiser : LAO-DTT

Overview :

The environmental Education has been integrated as a part of population education and environmental education subject which has been taught in TTCs in the third semester of 8+3 training system.

Level : Secondary

Certificate Awarded : Certificate of Primary Teacher

Objective :

The Objective of the course are: To equip student teachers with the basic knowledge in E.E, To raise E.E awareness among student teachers and To enable them to teach E.E in primary school

Curriculum Description :

In 8+3 teacher training system grade 8+ 3 years of training which has been designed for training of primary teachers, students teachers have to learn: Basic knowledge on Environment, status and problems of env 

Course Content :

Definition of Environment. Difference Components of Environment. The importance of Environmental preservation. Difference types of natural resources. The importance natural

Frequency : One Semester in the 2nd year of Teacher Training Program

Commencement : September

Duration : 16 weeks

Application Period : 3 hours per week

Venue : Teacher Training Schools in Lao P.D.R. (3 TTSs)

Contact Person :

Name Salutation Designation Phone/ Fax Email
Chandy Phommabouth Mr Deputy Director