Environmental and Natural Resources Problems ( GG, NUOL )

Overview :

This subject studies the environmental problems emerging from human activities, the vital necessity to improve environmental resource condition, including water, air, soil, forest, wild animals, minerals, and energy. It also studies ecosystem, pollution and the way to manage and monitor natural resources and environment.

Level : Tertiary

Certificate Awarded : Bachelor of Science in Geography

Objective :

To obtain knowledge about natural resources and environment in order to understand the value of environment and to be aware of the use of natural resources 

Curriculum Description :

This subject is a selective subject that being taught year 4 students in the geography department. The subject is taught in 3 credits (2 hours lecture, and 2 hours practice). 

Course Content :

This course contains the following topics: the role of resource and environment, the relationship between human and environment, ecosystem and the change of ecosystem, pollution, water resource, air, forest and wildlife, minerals and energy, overview of natural resource and environment management.

Frequency : Each semester

Commencement : 9/15/02

Duration : 4 months

Application Period :

Venue : Dong Dok campus

Contact Person :

Name Salutation Designation Phone/ Fax Email
Souphab Khouangvichit Mr. Dean of Faculty of Social Science