Human and Environment (LAO-NUOL)

Overview :

This subject focuses on Geographical Environment which influence on the way of living of people. The subject indicates the problems which caused by modern technology and human activities. It also provides useful comments for solving the concerned problems

Level : Tertiary

Certificate Awarded : Bachelor of Science in Geography

Objective :

To obtain knowledge about natural resources and environment in order to understand the value of environment and to be aware of the use of natural resource

Curriculum Description :

This subject is a compulsory subject that being taught year 4 students in the geography department. The subject is taught in 3 credits (2 hours lecture, and 2 hours practice). 

Course Content :

This course contains the following topics: World population, Human and Climate, Human and Landscape, Human and Soil, Human and Water, Human and Vegetation, Human and Minerals, Human and Social Environment, Human and Ecosystem, and Human and Energy.

Frequency : Each semester

Duration : 4 months

Venue : DongDok campus

Contact Person :

Name Salutation Designation Phone/ Fax Email
Lammai Phiphakhavong Mr. Vice Rector of National University of Laos